Action Learning in Social Work / Social Care

Action learning is a method of filtering, exploring and thinking through complex problems in the workplace and it works in diverse fields such as engineering or social work. I have been involved with the SkillsforCare initiative (from 2011/2012) to train social work / social care consultants working with newly qualified social workers completing the Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) for six years now. This national project mirrors the DoE’s Newly Qualified Teachers’ scheme whereby new professionals are supported to develop their professional skills in the first year of practice after university qualification. As part of the post degree qualifying programme in social work—most employers require training workshops, mentoring of new staff & and often action learning sets. I…

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Contrary to popular belief—stress in itself is not a mental health problem. We all need a certain level of stress in our lives to help us function. Without any pressure or a slight feeling of anxiety it is hard to learn a new skill or be open to change or personal / professional development. In fact some people who have too little to do become introspective and may complain of low mood or feeling depressed. Anyone who has ever had time on their hands—for whatever reason will understand this feeling. What needs to concern us is too much ongoing long term stress or chronic stress/pressure in our lives. Incidentally the word Stress comes from the field of physics: “Stress —…

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